NeurodiVERSED is an awareness campaign designed to give people who think differently a voice and to educate the community on mental health and intellectual disabilities. This project was begun to address the misconceptions and misinformation surrounding those who identify as neurodiverse, as well as the damaging narrative that mental illness and disabilities are something to be cured. Our mission is to give neurodiverse individuals a platform to share their stories, art, experiences, and celebrate the things that make them unique through our profile series NeurodiVOICED.


Our buttons, pins, stickers are all designed by individuals who identify as neurodiverse and are one way to show your commitment to supporting and advocating with neurodiverse people.


Meet Lanni, an artist and horror movie aficionado in our June NeurodiVOICED profile.

Meet Anthony our #NeurodiVOICED profile for May! Anthony, an avid sports fan and athlete with Down syndrome shares what it’s like moving away from home for the first time and gives tips on how to stay positive!

April’s NeurodiVOICED profile is here!  In honor of Autism Awareness Month, meet Becky, whirlwind encyclopedia, bird expert, and pop culture enthusiast. Becky sat down with us to share what it’s like navigating social situations and dealing with a world that isn’t always designed with people who are neurodiverse in mind.

Pam talks about dealing with doubters, reaching goals, and keeping things silly.

Katy talks travel, accessibility, and independence in her Neurodi-VOICED profile.


Click to view or download FEQs on neurodiversity and more!

What is Neurodiversity?

All About: Cerebral Palsy - Visual Version

All About: Cerebral Palsy

All About: FAS - Visual Version

All About ASD: Visual Version

Autism Acceptance

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