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    Search Trailblazers

10 Years of Search Trailblazers: Leading the Way in Inclusive Adventures

When: Friday, June 7th at Venue West

Location: Venue West

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All proceeds from 10 Years of Trailblazers will support the essential services of Search Inc.



2023: Empowering Creativity

Honorees: Dr. Angela Lyonsmith and the Revada Foundation of the Logan Family

When: Thursday, June 1st

Location: Café Brauer in Lincoln Park Zoo

2022: Celebrating Our Community Roots

Honorees: John Lipscomb and Wintrust

When: Thursday, June 9th

Location: Chicago History Museum

2021: Creating Inclusive Communities - Piece by Piece

Honorees: Frontline Staff and Oak Point University (formally Resurrection University) 

When: Thursday, May 19th

Location: Zoom

2020: The Virtual Experience

When: Thursday, May 14th

Location: Zoom 

For more information, please contact:

Trina Grogan, Development Manager
Phone: 773-305-5000, ext. 61
Email: tgrogan@search-inc.org

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