Career Services

"I like working at the warehouse because it is fun and keeps me busy. I feel happy at the end of the day because I accomplished my goals."
- PAC Returns/Inventory Transfer Specialist
Career Services are woven throughout Search's Adult Learning and No Boundaries programs. Options range from competitive community-based employment to a variety of train-to-work experiences offered through Search's social enterprises. Individualized job development, placement and post-hire follow-up supports are provided by an experienced team of employment specialists. Customized services include support with creating resumes, practicing job interviews and completing job applications. Train-to-work programs provide individuals with competency based job training in a real workplace setting. Individuals develop readily transferable employment skills while gaining paid work experience.

Search's menu of Career Services includes:

        • Community Employment Services
        • Planet Access Company Jobs: Train-to-Work
        • Planet Access Company Jobs: Transition Program for High School Students

Community Employment Services
Community Employment Services matches individuals to employers in the local community. Services begin with an in-depth vocational assessment. Based on their interests and skills, Search job coaches assist individuals with creating their resumes, practicing interview skills and finding the right employer. Services do not end once employment is achieved. Job coaches provide the ongoing support and training necessary for the individual to maintain employment in the community.

"I got a new job at Home Depot. My job coach went with me and I got to talk about what I am good at. I told them I was reliable, trustworthy, dependable and punctual."
Home Depot Greeter
Planet Access Company Jobs: Train-to-Work
Search's own Planet Access Company Jobs (PAC Jobs) offers individuals a variety of paid-work experiences that provide opportunities to build on existing job skills and learn new ones. Individuals in this program perform job duties, receive on-the-job training and support, gain readily transferable employment skills and earn wages. PAC Jobs offers an assortment of paid-work options.

Planet Access Company Jobs: Transition Program for High School Students
The Transition Program offered by PAC Jobs is an intensive 12-week training program for high school students in transition. This special program is provided in collaboration with local school districts at no cost to participants. After completing the program, individuals can take advantage of the job development and placement services that Search offers.