Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services consist of a broad range of supports. Individuals decide the services and supports they will receive in the setting and community of their choice. Services take place in a variety of residential settings - from the family home to small, group living arrangements of 1 – 8 individuals, to semi-independent settings.

Individuals also receive comprehensive healthcare and behavioral services as part of their package of personalized services and supports. All Supported Living programs offer a variety of community integration activities every week, so individuals always have opportunities to explore the world outside their door.

Search for Adventure, our unique travel program, offers vacation experiences to destinations near and far. Getaways have included hiking the historic Appalachian Trail, experiencing the majesty of the Grand Canyon and riding the range at the Powderhorn Dude Ranch in Colorado. View this video to find out more about Search for Adventure!

Shared Living Arrangement
Search Shared Living Arrangements, or Host Family arrangements, match persons seeking services to host families in the community who provide support and personalized care. Individuals in the program acquire skills, access services and participate in community activities with the support of the host family, their own family and other professionals. Services and supports are based on the unique needs and preferences of each individual. As many as two individuals may reside with any single host family. Shared Living Arrangements offer an individual the opportunity to grow and develop to his or her greatest potential.

Community Integrated Living Arrangement
Search Community Integrated Living Arrangements strike a balance between customized supports and opportunities for independence. Services and supports are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Individuals in this program experience all of the fun and responsibility of community living, in a small group home setting of between 1 – 8 persons. All of the homes are beautiful, well-maintained and located in safe, friendly neighborhoods. Individuals enjoy ample opportunities for personal growth with professional in-home support. Comprehensive healthcare and behavioral health services, as well as community integration activities are offered within this program.

Independent Living Program
The Search Independent Living Program is intended for individuals who live in their own home in the community and are seeking intermittent, in-home supports. Training, supervisions, personal support and case management services are provided to individuals in their own home. Individuals in the Independent Living Program decide how their service hours are used, and they evaluate the supports that they receive to live the lives they choose. Services are based on the principles of self-determination, intended to increase self-sufficiency and independent living skills. Individuals work with professional staff of their own choosing to develop and maintain personal relationships, as well as access services and resources in the community.