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Employee Spotlight: 2017 Anniversary Luncheon

In November 2017, we held an anniversary luncheon celebrating milestone work anniversaries - 5, 10, 15 years and more - of Search employees.

During that luncheon, we celebrated a special work anniversary. Our Comptroller, Mark Francik, just reached 45 years of employment with Search and our parent company, Keystone Alliance.

Mark started working for Search in 1972.  For context, 1972 was the year of Vietnam, the "Godfather" movie, mini-skirts and a brand new thing called a "video game"(Pong). In 1972, almost 40% of Search's staff had not yet been born.

At the time, Search was located in the Cabrini Green neighborhood in a classic old Chicago settlement house.  The total budget was less than $100,000 (it's now over $19 million) and we had less than 20 employees. Mark began as Search's accountant, but it was before the age of computers and even calculators, so he was occasionally known to balance our books with an abacus.

The times sure have changed, but we're so glad that Mark stuck around!

Thank you for a great 45 years of service Mark!

Anniversary Lunch Collage 1

Also at the luncheon we celebrated many work anniversaries of our other exceptional employees, including:

25 Years
Tony Higgins
Kiros Tedla
Milena Lupulovici

20 Years
Christine Zanca
Donna Catalano

15 Years
Alma Santos
Daniela Latco
Marisa Salas

Anniversary lunch Tami

10 Years
Iuliana Moga
Gabriela Cimpeanu
Ana Tat
Luis Cardenas
Ruxanda Teodorescu
Sandrino Musca

5 Years
Ellen Culpepper
Sulaimon Oluleye
Melanie Gomez
Roseline Osagie
Addiah Buckhoy
Mihaela Critescu
Aurel Dobrin
Daniel Vrabie
Catherine Stigler
Mark Matovu
Ana Bandas
Violeta Lupan
Melanie Ausbrook
Keyonna Walker

Anniversary Lunch collage 2

Congratulations to all of our employees who celebrated milestone work anniversaries. Thank you for your years of dedication and service!

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