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Employment Spotlight: Laura

Laura participates in Search’s Career Services Community Employment program (CES). CES supports individuals who are interested in seeking competitive employment in the community to find and keep a job. CES Employment Specialists support individuals through every step of their job search. After an individual is hired, the Specialists continue to support them at their job site to help the new employee to excel in their job.

A Q&A with CES Participant Laura

Q: Where do you work? 

A: I work at the Home Depot. 

Q: How long have you been employed?

A: I began working at Home Depot on in September 2020

Q: What are your work duties?

A: When customers bring back items that they bought they are placed in department bins in the front area.  I take those items form those bins, and using a hand held scanner, I find where to return the items to their proper place on the sales floor.

Q: Do you like your job?

A: I really like it so far!  All my co-workers are so nice and I really enjoy meeting customers and helping them out.

Q: What does having a job mean to you?

A: It means that I am more independent and responsible.  I schedule and take the PACE bus independently every day that I work. It allows me to learn new skills.  I also get a lot of exercise because I do a lot of walking during my work shifts.

Q: How does that make you feel?

A: It makes me feel good about myself and gives me confidence every day, in fact I got my first “Bravo Card” today from one of my co-workers.

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