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Search Inc.'s FY 24 - FY 26 Strategic Plan

Introducing our new Strategic Plan: A Letter from Our CEO Cory

We are excited to share our new FY 24-26 strategic plan with you!

For the past 25 years, the Search Board of Directors has come together tri-annually to discuss the external and internal trends impacting the organization, and to set Search’s strategic direction. This year, our strategic planning process coincided with a turning point between two eras.

Between 2009 -2019 was a period of disinvestment in Human Services by the State of Illinois marked by scarcity and decline. Since 2020, the State of Illinois has made historic investments in the community-based system, culminating with the implementation of new HCBS Settings Rules. The new rules which took effect in March 2023, along with the State’s major reinvestment in the community system have created the potential for positive, fundamental change after decades of inaction.

Having emerged from the height of the Coronavirus pandemic with a sustainable resource base and strong balance sheet, Search is well positioned to harness the momentum towards transformation to reimagine our mission and programs, social ventures, and our branding, messaging and marketing for lasting impact.

Our mission, to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential and lead rich, rewarding lives, has always been at the heart of everything we do and is driving our strategic priorities for the future.

We look forward to our continued growth as we look ahead to the next three years and appreciate your ongoing support of Search!

Read on to learn more about our FY 24-26 strategic priorities or read the full plan here.

Cory Gumm
CEO, Search Inc.

FY 2024-FY 2026 Impact Goals

Our goals reflect the collective aspirations of our board, staff, volunteers, and the individuals we support. We will measure our success over the next 3 years against these goals.

  1. Transition to a 4-person, single bedroom Support Living Program model as supported by DHS rates: This will provide an opportunity for people in our Supported Living Program to achieve a higher quality of life, stronger sense of community, along with greater privacy, autonomy, dignity and freedom. It will also provide more personalized care and attention for each person supported.
  2. Expand the footprint of Planet Access by adding new store locations and improving our online e-commerce platform: We will grow the income of our Planet Access store, which will support life changing travel experiences for people, expand inclusive employment opportunities for job seekers and increase opportunities for Visibility Artists to contribute their talents to the community.
  3. Transform our Adult Learning Programs to better adapt to the needs and desires of today’s and future participants: This will involve increasing sensory friendly spaces, improving access to technology, and developing multi-purpose spaces that better accommodate different age groups, interests and activities. We will grow the impact of our Adult Learning Programs by successfully broadening who we support and how.
  4. Explore developing new service models, including a Behavioral Health Clinic, Supportive Housing and Youth Initiatives: We will create new opportunities for high school students to join the workforce, and expand our behavioral health, housing and social and health supports. We will open our services up to people in the broader community to uplift the underserved.
  5. Determine the feasibility of offering the Glidepath curriculum as a digital product of Search: Our Glidepath Curriculum is designed to support person-centered programs and services, choice of daily activities and access to the greater community, and reaches over 1000 individuals every day across Illinois. We will grow the impact of Glidepath for people with disabilities by extending its reach, providing greater opportunities for people to participate in meaningful, inclusive services and supports in their community.
  6. Redefine our brand to better reflect our vision, impact and what makes us distinctive in the marketplace: We will Increase our brand equity, expand the network of support for our mission, create new partnerships to benefit the people we support, and inspire pride among our stakeholders and staff.

Ahead Lies Transformation and New Opportunities

Search is in an exciting position to continue to reinvent and reimagine what we do and how we do it in the coming years. Using our 6 Impact Goals as a guide, we will continue to provide the best programs and services possible to those we support and deepen the impact of our mission.

To view or download the full strategic plan, click here.

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