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Giving Back

For over a year, individuals from Search’s Adult Learning Program in Mount Prospect have been doing volunteer work at Cumberland Elementary School in Des Plaines. One young woman, a regular attendee at the Wednesday morning volunteer opportunity, attended Cumberland as a child.

Being able to give something back to the school where she graduated was a meaningful experience. In this past school year, our volunteers have alphabetized, laminated, reorganized, papered walls and created workbooks, to name a few things.

On April 25th, School District 62 held a small gathering to show their appreciation for the volunteers who have given of their time to make the school district run smoothly. Light snacks and drinks were served, and certificates of gratitude were handed out. Our volunteers felt very proud to have their efforts recognized by those they helped. Working with the teachers has been a rewarding experience as well. The teachers have been incredibly grateful for the extra hands we provide, and the many saved hours of extra work.

Our ongoing participation with the Cumberland school is one of the many ways Search keeps its promise to offer the individuals we serve the opportunity to stand side-by-side with others in their community, contributing their unique talents.

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