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In My Own Words – Focus on Cathy

I’ve been living at Sycamore House for a long time. I used to live somewhere else, but I heard good things about Search, and I thought it would be a good place for me. I like the people I live with. I call them my “Mates”, and I like my staff because they always help us to become more independent.

Now I get to go to a lot of places like the mall, movies and out to eat. Before it closed, I spent Saturdays at a local clay studio. Through Search I have also been able to take some great vacations-one to Graceland and one to Branson. In Branson, I went out to eat and saw different shows with singers and acrobats.

I’m a writer and a painter. I’ve sold some of the pictures that I painted in our Visibility Arts program. A long time ago I wrote stories about cowboys and Indians and other adventures. Right now I’m doing one about a rabbit who is the captain of his crew on an island.

What I like most about Search is that I can do the things I want. I’m happy here!

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