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Meet Tracey, QA Returns Specialist at Planet Access Company Warehouse

In December 2014, Search announced a new partnership with The Coleman Foundation to advance Career Services at the Planet Access Company (PAC) Warehouse. The Foundation has generously invested $125,000 over two years to support job training and competitive job placements at PAC as well as in the community. PAC, a social enterprise of Search, is a third-party logistics provider that offers warehousing, inventory management, special handling, and packaging services.

Tracey is our newest competitive hire at the PAC Warehouse. She is a QA Returns Specialist and has worked in other capacities in the warehouse since March 2015. Tracey is a solid worker who consistently exceeds her daily production goals. She is also friendly, cheerful and fun to be around! We sat down for a short Q&A with Tracey about her new job.

Q: Tell us about what you do for your job at PAC.
A: I use the computer to make labels and put them on the tags and bags. I check to see if the clothes are damaged. If they have damage I place them in a special box and let my supervisor know. I bag and tag the good clothes to get them ready to go back into the stock area so they can be sold in stores and on the internet. I do many, many, many a day - my record is 105. My boss says I do good work.

Q: What do you like about your job?
A: I love it! I have good hours and got a good raise. I like being on a team, I like having my own workstation and having my own key for the gate. I like working with my team members and I like my boss.

Q: What is different for you now that you have a job?
A: I have more friends now. I am making more money and I feel proud of myself every day.

Q: Why is it important for you to have a job?
A: To learn more and new things and have something nice to do every day. Having my job makes me proud and makes me happy to smile.

Q: Why is it important for businesses to hire people with disabilities?
A: Because we are good workers and I am one of them. We work hard and always try to make our goals. We will get done what needs to get done.

We couldn’t be happier to have Tracey employed at PAC!

The past 18 months have seen tremendous progress in creating a new, integrated workforce at PAC. Today, four individuals with disabilities, including Tracey, have been hired in competitive positions at the warehouse. These new employees work in Returns Processing and Inventory Transfers (internal logistics) at PAC. Job duties include package sorting and dating, processing customer returns using handheld technology, preparing items to return to inventory (cleaning, folding, bagging, labeling) and checking their work against hard copy and computer records. In the coming summer months the current workers will be trained and begin working in the areas of Receiving, Staging, Order Picking and Shipping.

In addition to integrating the warehouse, support from The Coleman Foundation has also allowed Search to expand its training program for high school students. Every day, 12 - 16 high school students with disabilities come to PAC and participate in valuable work experiences that familiarize them with the environment and operations of a warehouse.

The last year has seen tremendous progress in Career Services at the PAC Warehouse and we are extremely grateful for The Coleman Foundation's investment which made this all possible. Search is proud to continue our ongoing commitment to expanding employment opportunities for individuals with I/DD, consistent with the goals of Employment First.

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