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Money Matters at No Boundaries

No Boundaries has had the amazing opportunity to partner with a local community business, the North Shore Community Bank branch in Skokie, to learn about the world of personal finance! Skokie Market President Ross Mathée was kind enough to recently visit No Boundaries to talk about banking. He then extended an invitation for No Boundaries participants to visit the North Shore Bank branch to get a behind the scenes look at the banking business.

No Boundaries participants Connor, Matthew and Alex visited the branch. Mr. Mathée was there to greet them. The bank building is wheelchair accessible and the layout is easy to navigate. One of the things our participants really enjoyed was going behind the tellers' counter. The tellers were young, friendly and happy to work at the bank. The bank was clean and sanitary, and seemed like a good place to work. No Boundaries participants also found out that working at a bank requires a lot of communication skills and attention to detail. Plus, you have to like having a routine.

In addition to the bank tour, Mr. Mathée and Vice President of Community Development, Cindy Rawlings, recently answered some banking questions for No Boundaries participants:

Q: Do you think the bank teller's job is easy?

Ross: Since they are the face of the bank, their job is actually the most challenging. They have to be honest and responsible, and are able to give you your money in different denominations, unlike the ATM which usually only gives money back in increments of twenty dollar bills.

Q: Should you protect yourself?

Ross: Yes. Some things you can do to protect yourself: never share private information. Keep track of what you spend and where you spend it by writing it down. Review your bank statement. And finally, a bank will never call you and ask your for your personal information. If you get such a call, beware! Don't give your information. Check with a supporter right away.

Q: Do you know the three types of Financial Institutions?

Cindy: The three types of financial institutions are a Bank, Credit Union and Thrift. The Credit Union is member owned and Thrift can be savings and loans.

We cannot thank the nice folks at North Shore Community Bank enough. Our No Boundaries participants enjoyed their visit and we look forward to working with NSCB in the future! Visit the jjslist.com blog to find out more.

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