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NeurodiVERSED 2024: Who Are You Uninterrupted

NeurodiVERSED is our annual awareness campaign that incorporates a mix of social media content and live events. Held every year in March during National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM), NeurodiVERSED gives people who think differently a platform to share their voices and educate the community on mental health and intellectual disabilities.

NeurodiVERSED began as a way to address the misconceptions and misinformation surrounding those who identify as neurodiverse, as well as the damaging narrative that mental illness and disabilities are something to cure. Our mission is to give neurodiverse individuals a platform to share their stories, art, and experiences to celebrate their unique traits and talents through our video profile series.

This year's theme is Who Are You Uninterrupted?

In our 2024 NeurodiVERSED video series, we profile Alison, a long-time Search participant who thrives in her community, living each day true to herself and following her many passions uninterrupted. Through interviews and glimpses into her daily experiences, we celebrate her resilience, passions, and unique journey.

The question of who you are uninterrupted invites you to reflect upon who you would be and what you could accomplish if you did not have anything stopping you or getting in your way. All people, including neurodivergent people, strive to live their lives to their full potential and follow their goals and dreams without interruptions. Being present allows us to all come together as a strong community that welcomes people with and without disabilities, pursuing what we love most in life. 

We have been posting videos each Friday in March, where we explore what Alison loves most, including cooking, art and her relationships in the community. Alison has been taking cooking classes at Harper College for three years and now cooks at home twice weekly. Her passion for cooking inspires her art. While working on her art, she enjoys using multiple mediums and thinking of new, creative ways to express herself. Her many relationships create a strong support network throughout all of these activities. Alison is a shining example of how we can all strive to remove distractions from our everyday lives and focus on what matters most. 

To raise awareness in the broader community and promote our campaign, we have a variety of merchandise available at our Planet Access store, located at 4727 N Lincoln Avenue or online here. 

We hope you will join us in reflecting, celebrating uniqueness and fostering understanding this March! You can find our full collection of videos with Alison here.

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