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New Sensory Immersion Room Opens

Our new sensory immersion room is open and ready for use. Completed with generous support from the Service Club of Chicago, this is a space for individuals to relax, as well as experience and interact with special lighting, music, sound and objects. Jackie Rovner, Division Director of Clinical Services says, “We wanted to create a space to help individuals learn to self-regulate their sensory inputs and outputs, improve focus and enhance fine and gross motor skills. Being in this type of environment also helps to improve visual, auditory, and tactile processing.”

The space can also be used by individuals to lower sensory input when needed. The floor is padded for safety and allows individuals to lay down, get comfortable, and decompress by using soft pillows and blankets, and other sensory objects.  The walls are navy blue so visual stimulation can be controlled.   The room also features an LED chronotherapy fiber optic sensory bean bag chair, and an LED color-changing bubble tube with wireless controller and semi-circle corner cushioned platform and seat. The bubble tube seat and platform are surrounded by an acrylic mirror to increase stimulation, and therapeutic benefits, of the LED lights. 

Other items in the room include a starry sky projector, and aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils to calm, ground, center, and decrease anxiety.  There are weighted lap blankets, a knot pillow, and fidget toys available for use.

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