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Search DSP Spotlight: Megan

Megan joined the Search team in July 2010 as a DSP in the Adult Learning Program at our Waukegan site. Four years later, Megan accomplished her goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Megan recently applied for a QIDP position at Search and was hired, starting the next phase of her career.

Q: So Megan, why did you become a DSP?
A: I became a DSP because I love to work with people. I never worked in this field before and was very nervous at first. I learned quickly and had a great support system from my supervisor, Carolyn Bennett, to all the other DSPs here at Waukegan. I really enjoy working with my clients, they really brighten my day! I've created wonderful relationships here with both clients and co-workers alike.

Q: What was the most rewarding thing for you about being a DSP?
A: The most rewarding thing for me is the work I do with my clients. To see them succeed is the greatest reward I could ask for.

Q: It's a challenging job. How do you stay motivated?
A: Here at Waukegan the staff are very close knit. I would have to say that when the going gets tough we motivate and support each other!

Q: What activities do you do outside of work?
A: Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, my fiancé Tyrell, and our two beautiful daughters. We enjoy spending time outdoors boating and fishing. We love to go camping or "glamping" (aka glamorous camping because we use an RV) in the summer. Spending time with friends and family is very important to us and we enjoy all the time we can get.

Q: Do you have any advice for other DSPs for people who are thinking about becoming a DSP?
A: The advice I would give to any new DSP is don't be afraid to ask questions! It has been my experience that your fellow co-workers are always willing to help. Also once you get the swing of things, jump in and help support others, pay it forward! Our jobs can be very demanding and stressful at times so it is important for us to support one another.

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