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Search for Adventure's 2017 Santa Barbara Trip

Story and photos by Jennifer Gledhill, Search's Community Integration Coordinator

While Search for Adventure works from the premise that "Adventure" is different for everyone, we insist that the common denominator in every SFA experience is “FUN.”

For some individuals, the stresses of air travel or of unfamiliar beds would not be “FUN,” so we create an experience tailored to their comfort level. Sometimes it’s best to stay close to home - a “stay-cation” if you will.

This was not the case this November 2017. NOPE. 

In four days we packed in three flights, four shuttle rides, two rental cars, two different road trips, ten Batman cars, four costumes worn by Wonder Woman, one visit with a family member, a Santa Barbara trolley tour, invented a new party game and sat on the Central Perk couch from ‘Friends’ thank you very much.

Cuz that’s the kind of roller coaster we strap ourselves into when we head out west for the November Toad-Search Friendsgiving Summit, Version

If you’ve been following our Searches for Adventure over the past decade you are well aware of the rock star partnership we have with Toad&Co. In this band, if Search, Inc is Mick, then Toad&Co is our Keith. Here’s a quick look at the 2017 reunion tour:'

We braved it through the hideous scenery all around us in Santa Barbara. It was torture to look at the sky, but somehow we managed. (NOTE: this was weeks before the fires in the area. That’s just the natural vibrant orange that California GETS in their sky on a daily basis.)

Once a Searchie, always a Searchie. Our old friend and Home Based Services Facilitator Andi, who recently relocated to Cali, drove out to meet us for breakfast in our Santa Barbara hotel.

(Do I smell toast burning? Um…never mind. Nothing to see here.)

As if the employees of Toad&Co weren’t brilliant and creative enough, they can also throw a mean potluck. At this year’s bountiful feast, we invented a game called “Ping Pong Pong.” Think of it as beer pong, but without beer. And with points for getting a ping pong ball in a cup. And with employee’s children serving as referees.

Search’s own Ella Mae crushed the competition with a whopping 20 (!) points. No one else even came close! Congrats, Ella! You are a legend, now.

I’ve come to believe that it’s not a Search trip without an Elevator Selfie. We rock at those. This one was in a very fancy elevator bank along Century Blvd near LAX…so we could be close to Warner Brothers Studio, natch.

Where else but Hollywood could you be photobombed by the Justice League?

But, of course! Search, Inc would never hire a Slytherin. (Tasha is the manager of our Lincoln Adult Learning site.)

Had a great time, wish you were there! – SFA

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