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Search Opens New In-Home Adult Learning Program

Search is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new in-home adult learning program in July 2015. This program will provide the senior residents of Search's Golfview home with day time classes and activities within the comfort of their own house. This is the third site in a unique program that Search has created to accommodate its aging population.

Individuals with disabilities in Illinois often don't have many appealing options as they age. There is no retirement age - instead they are expected to spend their senior years attending work programs and day services. Those who are not well enough to attend off-site programs may need to move to a nursing home. Search wants to offer the people we serve a better option. Our in-home program makes this a reality.

In-home adult learning programs offer several advantages for seniors at Search. The small setting allows individualized services that are tailored to each person's desires and choices within an overall focus on health, movement/exercise, and group activities. The daily schedule is set by consumers and guided by their interests. A typical day includes gardening, music, art or pet therapy, groups and classroom modules. The program flows at a slower pace that is designed to be calming and therapeutic - for example, participants are able to take breaks in their bedrooms as needed.

Many of our aging consumers have no family left outside of their Search families. Housemates are an important source of friendship for these men and women. Search staff have observed a tremendous benefit for our elderly consumers who are able to stay in their home with the companionship of housemates every day. We look forward to the launch of our new program and the women who live there are excited for their first day of in-home classes!

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