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Search Self Advocates Are Getting Ready to Vote, Vote, Vote!

Tuesday, November 3rd is a big day in the US – the next Presidential Election Day.

At Search, we are ensuring that individuals are prepared and educated to make their voices heard in the 2020 election. Since the beginning of election season, individuals have watched the candidates’ debates together via Zoom, as well as filled out their registration papers together in their homes. As of early October, we have 42 individuals who have requested mail-in ballots.

Search is providing any support necessary to ensure individuals have a clear understanding about the choice they are making. A practice ballots can be filled out with the help of a chosen staff to avoid any errors that would cause the ballot to be forfeited.  All completed ballots will be dropped off in a certified ballot drop box by Friday, October 23rd. Thankfully, Illinois does not restrict voting rights for those individuals under guardianship, and Search is taking great care to assure that a vote cast by an individual is an honest reflection of their political will.

Jennifer Gledhill, Search’s Community Integration Coordinator has been leading the charge to ensure people have access to vote, if desired.  Jennifer shared, “We will watch, listen, and take mental notes together (during a debate), then follow through and fact check any questions we have on the other side of the debate.  These days, Monday afternoons are reserved for citizens of our self-advocate group to ask questions, raise concerns, and dig deeper than the sound bite to find the truth behind the promises.”  The shared experience of debate watching has been a meaningful one for many people throughout Search’s homes.

After many discussions, our Search individuals share that their top issues of concern this election season include civil rights protests, gun control policies and healthcare. At Search, we want to be sure everyone’s voice is heard on these issues and more, if they desire it to be heard through voting.

Read more about Search’s efforts this election season on JJ’s List website: Empowering Self Advocates Through Education, Experience and Discussion

Visit iwillvote.com to check your registration status! Let your voice be heard.

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