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Service Facilitation at Search

Recently, Search INK conducted an interview with Ryan Donovan, Intake Coordinator, regarding service facilitation and home based funding. Confused about what those terms mean? Read our quick Q & A to find out more!

Q: What is home-based funding and what does a service facilitator do?
A: Home based funding allows consumers to access support workers and programs while still living at home with their families or caregivers. Individuals use the funding to pay for a service facilitator who helps connect families in the community and agencies. Families rely on the facilitator as the "go-to" person when it comes to linking up with various services including medical care, employment support, and more.

Q: Why does the State of Illinois pay for home-based funding as opposed to group home or CILA funding?
A: The State of Illinois started the home-based program as an alternative to the structured group home and day program system. With this funding a consumer can obtain support staff at home or use the money to spend on special programs, recreational activities and private agencies.

Q: If you could pick one reason why facilitation is growing so quickly what would it be?
A: This program allows for a strong relationship between a family and the agency, which fits right in with Search's values.

Q: Where do you see the home-based facilitation program at Search going in the next three years?
A: In the next three years Search's home-based services will be a benchmark for other agencies in our serving area. I would like to see Search utilize our resources to offer programs to help families and professionals within in our surrounding communities like workshops, training and various supports.

Thanks to Ryan for this helpful interview and for his hard work as a service facilitator at Search!

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