"The No Boundaries program provides real-world job readiness skills instruction in a professional office atmosphere.  The No Boundaries team holds a standard of professionalism that directly reflects the contemporary needs of different employment settings making all participants better prepared to take their next steps. It's a great opportunity!"
- Manager of Transition Services, ODLSS, Chicago Public Schools

No Boundaries is the only skills building experience for teens and adults that incorporates a proven internet safety and productivity curriculum, the JJ's List Safe & Productive Internet Life and Literacy Skills (SPILLS) Curriculum and the Search Glidepath Curriculum. Glidepath and SPILLS are currently being used by colleges, schools and agencies throughout Illinois to provide meaningful, active programming to individuals with a wide range of disabilities.

Classroom and experiential learning modules cover multiple topics within five core themes:

  • Self-organizing
  • Communications
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Team Choice
  • On-the-Job/ In-the-Community

Each module begins with an introduction of the concept. Participants benefit from visual supports and real-time practice to review, repeat and reinforce knowledge of key skills and concepts. Each person's interests and personal goals guide the practical applications and practice of those skills and concepts. For example, a participant may work toward competitive employment, integrated community living, or both. Once competency in a given topic is attained, participants in the program earn a certificate of completion which can be used in resumes, or included in portfolios, as evidence of skills mastered.